Limited Kitchen?

NoStove.NoOven.NoProblem was created by me in a very limited kitchen! I could have set aside my love for cooking and my healthy eating lifestyle to fall into the eating out regime many LAers follow, but after the first week I just couldn’t do it! I searched my storage unit for my first tool…the toaster oven! The toaster oven is an incredible invention, capable of making some incredible tasty treats…from desserts to meat! Tool number two, the crock pot. Crock pots tend to last forever and we salvaged this one from Anthony’s (my amazing man) mom. Crock pots are great for soups, stews, and even cakes…the feel good winter foods! Why I love the crock pot? It’s the set it and forget it tool! And who doesn’t love coming home to a smell good home and a home cooked meal?? Tool number three, the hot plate. I ordered this one off of Amazon for 20 bucks! Using a pot and a pan the hot plate opened some incredible doors for sauteing food and boiling water! Tool number four, the rice cooker/steamer. This treasure was purchased from Target for 25 bucks. The rice cooker/steamer has an amazing ability of cooking both the starch of the meal and the veggies with solely steam! Not adding any fat or preservatives to the meal!

I hope you enjoy my journey of cooking creativity and join in on some of the cooking! Please spread the word to friends and family; especially those in college or the bachelor life!


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