The Dreamy Picnic

So it’s Wednesday, hump day and I often find myself dreaming of past mini vacations. Today one of our recent vacations came into my daydream…our trip to San Luis Obispo! One of my favorite parts of this trip was our yummy picnic wine tasting; healthy amazing food, great Chardonnay, amazing vineyard scenery, and the beautiful Central California sunshine I mean it’s pretty much my idea of heaven.

Edna Valley is such a blissful place. I mean I may be a bit biased since I lived up here for four years while I attended Cal Poly SLO but you have to be crazy not to fall quickly into love with this amazing place.

On our vacations I pack us healthy stuff for breakfast, snacks, and lunches…this not only saves you money but also saves your waistline. For this picnic I pulled out all stops packing some of our favorite treats!

  • Fresh grapes
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Goat Chevre topped with Wild Maine Blueberry Jam served with rice crackers
  • Quick and easy salad in the Tupperware bowls: spinach lettuce, sliced cherry tomatoes, chopped green onion, a splash of crumbled feta and a dash of black pepper served up with some olive oil and balsamic!
  • And for Anthony (the every growing boy) a simple turkey sandwich: whole grain bread, fresh oven roasted turkey breast, spinach lettuce. sliced tomatoes and our (yes I had to have a bite) fav raspberry honey mustard
  • Of course a big bottle of H2O

What’s great about this vineyard picnic? You can pick your fresh bottle to go along with your meal during your wine tasting. Chamisal is such a homey vineyard. They brought out our Chard in a wine cooler and a few glasses (less to pack).

So sit back relax and take some time to enjoy the wine, company, and delectable picnic….it’s truly heaven!

Okay daydreaming stops! Back to work time but with a joyous smile on my face!


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