Tapia Farms…Shop Local

Shop local and support small businesses! Get out of the UV lit grocery stores and chat with some real farmers in the glorious sunshine. Tapia Farms 012

Tapia Farms is such a gem, one of the few family owned farms still around. This unique find is conveniently located only a few miles away from my home in Lake Balboa, at 5251 Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino. There is something so refreshing about seeing where your food is grown.Tapia Farms 014Tapia Farms 016

Tapia Farms is so much more than a farm to me, it’s home of Harry the red-head rooster! I’m not sure if his real name is actually Harry, but if it isn’t it really should be! Harry is just one example of how special this place is!Tapia Farms 018

After my visit with Harry I love grabbing one of their big baskets and filling it with their seasonal fruits and vegetables “seasonal”…some Californian’s don’t really get this term. We are so spoiled with grocery stores offering all varieties of fruits and veggies all the time but things just don’t grow like that! Shopping seasonally cuts down the cost of transportation (which is best for our environment) and allows for a variety of cooking experiments all year long!Tapia Farms 020Tapia Farms 021

The staff at Tapia are truly passionate about what they do and, man do they know their food! When you stop in, ask for cooking suggestions and, trust me, they can point you in the right direction.Tapia Farms 025

If you still want to see great places like this around for our children get out of the grocery store and into the local farm. Google a local farm or fruit stand near you and you won’t regret it!Tapia Farms 023


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