The Outdoor Challenge

Get up, drive in the car to work, sit in the office, eat in the office at thedesk, go back to work in the office, get back in the car, go into the gym, get back in the car, go back home…start it all over again the next day….does this sound like your day? Does this sound familiar?

Unfortunately this is how many of us live. The only time we are outside is when getting into and out of the car. Sure we have windows in the house, the car, and the office and can see that the outside exists…but have you felt the outside lately? It feels amazing! Give it a try!


  • Spending time outside can lower your anxiety and depression (wonder why those NY and LA downtown dwellers are a little more stressed than those living in suburban areas?)
  • Getting outdoors can improve your quality of sleep.
  • Spend some time in the natural light of the sun and your body will absorb more vitamin D. Why is vitamin D important? Balanced levels of this vitamin can increase your immune system, help balance your hormones, lower your likelihood of obesity, lower inflammation, lower your chance of adult onset diabetes, lower your risk of heart disease, and the list goes on….
  • Increase your positive thoughts and happiness! How can you not smile when looking at a gorgeous natural view or scenery?

But my day is already so overwhelmingly packed I can’t squeeze in one more thing or I will panic!!

  • Get up 20¬† minutes earlier….put those shoes on and get outside for a walk! Why not start off on the right foot? But I’m so tired!!…I promise this will give you more energy than that cup of coffee.
  • Sneak in a 20 minute walk during lunch…but I catch up on Facebook and Sports Center at lunch! And I can’t walk in dress shoes!? Skip the Facebook and Sports Center I promise this is much more important than either of those…bring an extra pair of shoes to keep at the office so you can’t “accidentally” forget them.
  • Skip the gym and workout outside…probably the easiest switchover! It works for cardio but I want to build strength!?? Invest in a TRX, a medball, and exercise bands! Workout anywhere you can find a tree or jungle gym! Or better yet join a bootcamp and socialize with some like-minded individuals!
  • Picnic…make lunch or dinner more fun by taking it outside!
  • Upgrade Backyard/Front Porch/Balcony…find an outdoor area of your home/apartment and invest some time making it yours…fill it with your favorite most relaxing items- flowers, a garden, a hammock, a comfy chair, misters, a fountain…do whatever¬† you want, just make it yours…your Place of Outside Peace.
  • Plan your vacations towards the outdoors- hiking spots, camping, hotels by the beach, vineyards (my favorite!)…plan outside activities into your vacation!

The Challenge!

Spend at least 20 minutes outside a day!

I promise you will not regret it!

Get outside and jump for joy!

Get outside and jump for joy!


The Water Challenge!

Water…one of the healthiest things that you can give yourself. Whether you are trying to loose weight, looking for more energy, healthier skin, or healthier internal organs you need to pay attention to your water intake!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Turn on the coffee pot? Reach for a 5 Hour Energy? STOP and reach for 2 8-oz glasses of water! Your body is working so hard all night long repairing cells, restoring the body’s internal functions, and detoxing. These all take so much energy and you got it…WATER!

So what is the water challenge?? Start your day chugging down at least two glasses of water before eating breakfast or reaching for the caffeine! Can you do it?water