The Water Challenge!

Water…one of the healthiest things that you can give yourself. Whether you are trying to loose weight, looking for more energy, healthier skin, or healthier internal organs you need to pay attention to your water intake!

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Turn on the coffee pot? Reach for a 5 Hour Energy? STOP and reach for 2 8-oz glasses of water! Your body is working so hard all night long repairing cells, restoring the body’s internal functions, and detoxing. These all take so much energy and you got it…WATER!

So what is the water challenge?? Start your day chugging down at least two glasses of water before eating breakfast or reaching for the caffeine! Can you do it?water


2 thoughts on “The Water Challenge!

  1. That’s a good idea. Making sure to drink enough water is something I’ve struggled with for a while because most of the time I just don’t get thirsty and forget! So I try to think about it a lot now 🙂

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