Fun with Med Balls

It’s summer and we all should be out of the gym and into the gorgeous sun! How bout a little partner fun to get into bikini bottom shape? What better way to get there then by throwing an 8lb med ball at your BFF? JK…but serious this is a great core, leg and upper body workout! And the best thing about it? You won’t even realize you are working out because you will be having too much FUN!!

Follow these 2 simple exercises. Complete 1 minute for each and repeat 3 times.

1. Standing on one leg toss med ball to your partner. To make it more challenging for balance and some added core work try to throw your partner off! Complete one minute; repeat other side.

20130712_075046 20130712_075231 20130712_0752492. Squat- reach to rotate (make sure it is through your torso and your hips stay SQUARE)- toss to partners opposite side. This is great because it works your core in a diagonal dimension…hello obliques and transverse abdominus!! Oh and of course the leggies! Complete 1 minute, do other side.

20130712_075621 20130712_075615 20130712_0754503. Celebrate with high 5s!!20130712_075151Who said working out wasn’t fun??


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