Relax and Restore…

Man it has been a crazy few weeks! Sorry to all my followers that I went slightly MIA….KnotOut­™ has officially launched and we just took part in both the CrossFit Games and Polestar Pilates Life Conference. And man am I exhausted!

I would like to officially share our new product with you along with one of my favorite ways to relax and restore my posture after a long day. Whether you are sitting at a desk all day, in a car, on your feet hunched over, or running around … your body tends to take that horrible rounded forward position … wrecking your neck … giving you that tension headache … and even affecting your breathing patterns!

It’s simple. All you need is the large KnotOut™ (which can be used for many more muscular releases than just this one) and a long foam roll (can also be done directly on the floor if you do not have one!). Start your stress release now!

Follow this video!

You can purchase your KnotOut™ here …

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