Detoxin…Day 1

It seems like everyone is on a detox.  Some of them a bit too drastic and some a bit too unrealistic.  A few times a year I do a 3-5 day detox…over the years I have slowly created my own….which does tweak a bit as a learn more and more studies come out about nutrition.

Many people do a detox to drop weight and unfortunately become overly obsessed with the number on the scale. I do a detox because:

  1. I am snacking too much (unnecessary eating while driving/working/watching TV)
  2. I have started some unhealthy habit (too much sugar/a glass of wine every night/too much caffeine/too many carbs)
  3. To reset my mind…this is a very important part many miss…I try to keep away from gossip/drama TV/too much social media
  4. To get extra sleep…I try to take a nap and skip the second cup of tea…go to bed early instead of snacking to stay awake
  5. To give my digestive system a break…I try to keep many of my meals in liquid form and stop the late night snacking…this way my digestive system can really take a break at night and my body can do it’s repair job

What do I stay away from on this detox?

  • Anything processed
  • Added Sugars
  • Dairy
  • Grains (including corn and potatoes)
  • Animal proteins

What does my detox include?

  • 1 c coffee per day…unless you don’t normally have caffeine
  • 2-3 protein shakes a day (plain nut milk with a vegan GF protein powder)
  • raw fruits (1-2/day if light headed)
  • raw/steamed veggies w/ olive oil or coconut oil, lemon, dried herbs
  • detox teas
  • 1 fruit/veggie blend
  • tons of water

Important things to include in a detox?

  • protein….what the juice cleanses completely miss!
  • balanced vegetables…think variety of colors…so many people get sick after heafty detoxes because they are lacking so many vitamins and minerals
  • a touch of fat…your body needs fat to carry out many daily functions!
  • some fruit…you don’t want to do a fruit based diet (ie fruit juice cleanse)!!! Your blood sugar levels will hate you forever! But if you are active and running around your body does need a bit of sugar to keep you going…unless you can go on a detox and stop the rest of your life!?
  • 1 c of caffeine if you are and avid caffeine drinker…take caffeine completely out and you will have a raging headache…if you don’t normally do caffeine don’t include this

Most importantly you should still be able to function on a DETOX… you should still be able to work, focus, and have energy. A detox should make you feel better…not like you are about to pass out!  Also keep the detox easy…yes there are a ton of great soups and fresh juices you can make for the detox but really who has time for all the prep?  If you do def do it!!  Let’s keep things easy!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some detox recipes!

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