Detox Aftermath

I finished my detox last Friday.  That weekend we headed to Temecula for one of my best friends wedding.  Did I go hog wild as soon as the detox chains were unhooked? Did I salivate at the sight of their wedding cake and break my gluten free and dairy free rules? NOPE… That is what is so great about this detox you never feel deprived.  Sure we went wine tasting and I did enjoy some delicious wine … sure I had a salad with quinoa and chickpeas in it … and of course I had some dark chocolate covered almonds.  But I found my self eating less and enjoying more.  More importantly feeling better I found myself feeling better, feeling even more centered, calm and collected.  And even stronger!

Check out some of our dance moves at the wedding!

IMG_6679 IMG_6715

Results of the Detox-

  • I did loose about 3 pounds
  • My eyes and skin regained their shine … my body finally felt hydrated again in this summer heat
  • I enjoy my food again … I pay attention to my eating … and have found myself eating less … and eating more regimented
  • I sleep much more soundly
  • I have lost the need for that afternoon caffeine
  • I am not craving sugar after lunch and dinner
  • I don’t feel bloated at the end of the day
  • My mind is clear and focused

I have officially RESET MY BATTERIES! 🙂 How a detox should really make you feel

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