What’s your blood type?


I am FINALLY reading Eat Right for Your Blood Type, a book that has been sitting on my mom’s book shelf for ages. For some reason I have always really wanted to read it, but every time I thought about diving in I realized I did not even know my blood type! So I gave my doc a call to ask…this has to be something that is required in your charts; right? It seems like a very important fact that everyone should know.

But if you have not had a child or a major surgery recently this is not something that will be in your charts.  This seems so strange to me!  Blood…our bodies transportation system and docs don’t even keep track of what their patients are? Hmm… another point why it is more important that we take our health in our hands!

So after adding up the cost and time of making and going to the doc to get another appointment to spend more time and money to get the blood test I figured there had to be a way to do this at home.  Thank you google and Dr. D’Adamo’s website for saving me some time.  Have a test delivered to your door for $10 (Click Here for the Site)!

The kit comes with everything you need and is relatively simple.  If you are needle phobic (like myself) I highly suggest you have someone to help…Anthony had to do most of mine ;).


Follow the instructions and fill out the included card. Give it a few minutes and use the comparison chart to find your type :)!


I am O+, same as Anthony!  I can’t wait to finish the book and add some of the lessons learned to our current diet!


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