The freshmen 15 has changed…

Those of us who attended college are all familiar with the dreaded “freshmen 15”.  Some of us know how to avoid it and some of us do not.  College often is a time where freshmen let loose in many ways, one of those being their diet.

Well I was shocked and saddened to learn that just as obesity is on the rise so has the standard “freshmen 15” … today while listening to the KTLA morning news I discovered that this “freshmen 15” is now becoming the freshmen 28/30 … doubling the original typical college weight gain!

Why? Students say that they tend to live on a diet consisting of frozen dinners, fast foods, delivery pizza, and the poor diet choices in the college food court.  Not to mention the increase in consumption in beer and alcohol.

Why are they eating this way? Students interviewed in the study said that they do not know how to cook or grocery shop.  This is true.  When I was in college I was amazed to see the amount of my friends that had no idea how to make even the simplest things…and a trip to the grocery store was almost like an undercover mission for them.

Why are the bulk of parents today not teaching their children how to cook and how to grocery shop?  Having the ability to create a nutritious meal for yourself should be required in adulthood!  Stop the laziness and get to the store…get online and research some recipes.

If parents are not teaching their children these fundamental useful lessons should it start being included in high school Health Classes or as a college prep class?  Could it just be that parents poor eating habits and lack of cooking is trickling down to their kids?  We focus so much on pushing these students mentally but really how are they going to focus on a diet this bad?



12 thoughts on “The freshmen 15 has changed…

  1. Great Post! Growing up, although my mom worked, she made it her goal to do two things: 1- Be home before my brother and I got home from school (we walked home) and 2- Make nutricious meals for the family to eat, together. When I was younger I groaned about her “obsession” with fish & broccoli…..but now that am older and have lived alone, I appreciate the time and effort it took to prepare great tasting, nutricious meals.

    • Your mom had her priorities right! It is so important to sit down as a family to share a healthy home cooked meal. Great to nourish the mind, body, and soul. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Grocery shopping is very expensive. Most college students are on a budget, which is why they are buying cheap unhealthy food like pizza. If parents are going to teach their children how to grocery shop they should be sure to show them how to do it in a reasonable price range!

    • Yes exactly! In college I used my coupons but I also made sure to buy things like fresh fruit, veggies, whole oats, all natural peanut butter, rice, beans & legumes, whole grain bread, and occasional meat…I avoided packaged snacks and cereals bc they were so $$ (I can’t believe a small box of cereal can be $4+)…also looking for coupons! I hardly ever ate out or bought packaged dinners in college and spent much much less than many of my friends who did. I think parents need to teach their kids how to plan out meals for the week that way you can use the same ingredient in different ways…keeping it interesting and cheap!

      • Well. I don’t think they were ever really taught in school except for maybe home ec…which in today’s schools has been taken because of budget cuts. But the other big issue is parents not teaching their children…either parents living a less healthy lifestyle (which I believe is the biggest reason why obesity runs in the family) or parents doing everything for their kids (I always had chores, always had to help with cooking dinner, and often shopped with my mom at a few stores to get the best deals).

        How can we change this? I know that there are initiatives out there teaching children about a balanced diet because of childhood obesity but these are usually one time presentations and not daily lessons.

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