Drop it like a Plank :)…Plank series begins!

I have come to believe that a plank a day can actually keep the doctor (PT) a way! Ask any of my clients and they will tell you how much I love this exercise. Why?? A correct plank helps to tone the entire core unit!! Rather than performing zillions of crunches which more often than not place your neck and shoulders in that terrible forwarded rounded position (the exact position that we are in ALL DAY LONG!!)  as well as puts our hips in that tucked under position and before we know it our spine becomes shaped like a C and we start walking around like Hunch Back of Notre Dame…as much as Disney Movies are fab we do not want our posture to turn into that.

So the next couple months I will be releasing a different plank exercise each week! The goal is to perform each plank variation everyday…so that by the end of our two month series you all performing ALL variations! I know summer is over but it doesn’t mean we should throw away our work towards a flat tummy! And this series DOES NOT require a gym; in fact, it doesn’t even require any equipment!! So no excuses you can perform these literally anywhere (including business trips and vacations).

Let’s begin!! First week, first variation…the standard full plank… hold for 30 sec each day.

Postural Corrections to focus on-

  • Glutes and legs activated- all too often I see people “hanging” off their low back forgetting to use their lower body. Bring your feet and knees together and squeeze those glutes!
  • Keep your chest open- try not to round forward … think of pulling your shoulders down and back and having a long spine


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