Plank Series Week 4!!

Congratulations you have make it to the fourth week of the plank challenge!!  Just 2 minutes of your day should be devoted to planking!!  Your arms should be getting stronger….your core should be getting slimmer… and your glutes should activate on command ;).

As you know it is time to add on….another 30 seconds this week!  You are officially ready for forward plank variations and our first one is knee drops!!

This exercise is going to throw your balance off just enough to cause your core to react….welcome to reactive training, a fabulous way to take your core work to the next level.

Postural Corrections to Focus on:

  • This is not about speed this is about form and strength
  • The leg that is straight should be completely activated- glutes and quads
  • As the other leg bends keep those lower abdominals and glutes tight
  • The shoulders stay down and back

Jessica Fitness (23)Plank Challenge Thus Far:

  • Standard Plank 30s
  • Side Plank 30s
  • Side Plank 30s
  • Reverse Plank 30s
  • Standard Plank with knee drops 30s

Until next week….


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