Plank Series Week 5!!

You have made it through a month of the plank series!!  Great job!  How are you feeling?  Stronger!  Leaner!  Centered!  And it really isn’t that hard is it??

So far you have been dedicated 2 mins & 30 sec of your day to Planking…. time to add on that extra 30 sec!

Now this plank series is a gift to you especially for the holiday season.  We all get incredibly busy during this time of the year and sometimes getting all the way to the gym is impossible!  This exercise series will get you that tone you have been hoping for while not stealing a lot of your time.  And for all you travelers out there… this requires 0 equipment so you will have not problem completing this at your in-laws house… hey! Get them involved!

Today we add another forward plank variation… Plank with alternating arm raises

Postural Corrections to Focus on:

  • Keep the glutes and lower abdominals engaged throughout the entire 30 seconds; it is easy to get wobbly in this exercise and end up using your lower back muscles
  • Keep those legs together and activated
  • As you reach your arm overhead keep your shoulder down and back away from your ear, lead with your thumb up; do not let your shoulders round forward

Jessica Fitness (15)Plank Challenge Thus Far (3 mins):

  • Standard Plank 30s
  • Side Plank 30s
  • Side Plank 30s
  • Reverse Plank 30s
  • Plank with knee drops 30s
  • Plank with alternating arm raises 30s

Keep up the hard work!!!



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