Plank Series Week 6!!

So honestly have you fallen off the plank-a-day wagon??  If so get your butt back on!  The holidays will be here in 2 weeks and you will need simple exercises you can do anywhere that do not take a lot of time.

So far 3 minutes of your day should be dedicated to planking!  This can be completed in one commercial break!

It is time for your next variation…another 30 seconds tacked on this week!  Plank with alternating leg raises.

Postural Corrections to Focus on:

  • Keep the lower abdominals engaged; DO NOT let that back arch
  • Keep those shoulder down and back using your lats; avoid rounding in your chest
  • The leg raise should be driven by gluten activation… not twisting or your lower back muscles
  • Take your time your first few go arounds with this exercise and make sure you are using the right musclesJessica Fitness (10)

Plank Challenge Thus Far (3.5minutes):

  • Standard Plank 30s
  • Side Plank 30s
  • Side Plank 30s
  • Reverse Plank 30s
  • Plank with knee drops 30s
  • Plank with alternating arm raises 30s
  • Plank with alternating leg raises 30s

You can do it!!  Hang in there!  And we are still less than a commercial break ;).

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