Positivity of the Week!

Last week we chatted about the importance of staying positive.  It is not only important that you personally stay positive but you surround yourself with positivity! 13-Dont-bring-negative-to-my-door

It is very challenging to stay and grow your positive energy if you are always surrounded by negativity.  Lock it out ;)!

(Quote from: http://quotesnsmiles.com/inspiration/47-inspirational-picture-quotes-to-keep-you-positive/)


Sexy Glutes with a Side of Hip Stability Week 4!

Congratulations you have made it to the final week of the glute series!  If you have not completed Weeks 1-3 go back and check them out.  By now you should see a difference in your back side as well as feeling more stable in your hips.

This week we work the lateral glute.  Unfortunately in our “duck footed” society most of us lack the proper lateral glute strength and instead hang on our hip flexors.  These two simple exercises require no equipment and will help you gain some proper lateral glute strength, giving your hips the stability they deserve!

Add these two exercises in with Weeks 1-3 for a great glute workout!

Check out this video or follow the photos below.

  1. Lying on your side, bend your knees to 90 degrees and hips to 135 degrees (below hip height).  Place your top hand on your hip and find your hip bone.  Lift the knee of the top leg just before your hip starts to swivel, keep those lower abdominals tight!  Repeat 20 times.IMG_7311IMG_7313
  2. Straighten your top leg, flex the foot of the top leg and squeeze your glute so that the leg is just behind you.  Rotate from your hip so that your toe is pointing downward.  Place your hand on your hip to check for any hip swivel J.  Bring the leg up 3-8” and back to the ground.  Repeat 20 times keeping those abdominals, glutes, and top leg strong.IMG_7314IMG_7315
  3. Switch sides and repeat 1-2.
  4. Complete a total of 3 times per side.

Spicy Kale Mushroom Sautee!

Mmm… kale is one of my favorite greens (can you tell from last weeks recipe as well?) and it’s not because it is just on “trend”.  Kale is one of the healthiest greens out there and can be devoured in so many ways!

This dish is Asian inspired and works fabulous served with a filet of white fish.


  • 1-2 tbsp Grapseed oil
  • 2 tsp fresh chili paste
  • 1 tsp toasted sesame oil
  • 2 tsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (soy sauce alternative)
  • 2 tsp sesame seeds
  • 1 shallot, diced
  • 2 c sliced mushrooms
  • 4 c chopped kale


  1. In a large skillet heat grapeseed oil, chili paste, and shallot on medium for 3-5 minutes.  Shallot should start to soften.
  2. Add mushrooms to pan.  Stir thoroughly.  Cook another 3-5 minutes or until mushrooms begin to soften.
  3. Add kale and sesame seeds.  Stir well.  Reduce to low and cover until kale leaves begin to soften.
  4. Top with sesame seeds.20140120_175202
  5. Enjoy!20140120_175705

Positivity of the Week!

How positive are you?  Do you find yourself dwelling on the negatives?  Do you have a hard time letting frustrations go?  Your mind is the most powerful tool you have in finding your ultimate success!

Next time that negative thought pops into your head, deal with it right away and then let it go.  Remember that bad things do happen but there are a lot of other good things in your life to focus on.   End each day writing down three positives from the day.

Sexy Glutes with a Side of Hip Stability Week 3!

Week 3!  How’s that booty looking?  How are the hips feeling?  This week we really get into that unilateral glute stability (wk 2 exercise 3).  This exercise is from Michael Boyle, an incredible strength and conditioning coach (www.bodybyboyle.com).

This series requires zero equipment and is a great addition to Week 1 Series and Week 2 Series as a glute workout or used with Week 2 as a workout warm up!

Check out this vid or follow the photos below~

  1. Start in hooklying position, lying on your back with feet and knees hip width apart and feet flat on the ground.  Pull the toes off the ground (flex the feet) and pull the right knee into your chest.  If you have a tennis ball or baseball place it right in the bend of your hip (this will help keep you honest while doing the exercise).IMG_7304 IMG_7305
  2. While holding the knee complete 10 active bridges.  If you are using the ball and it falls out you now know you are not keep that right hip properly flexed.IMG_7306
  3. Switch legs.IMG_7309IMG_7310
  4. Repeat a total of three times per side.

Holistic Cough Syrup

Love this!! Skip all the crap in store bought cough syrup and make your own!!

My Holistic Universe

By Angie Bucsi

It’s that time of year. Sniffling noses and echoes of coughs everywhere you go.  Be sure to check in regularly with your Dream Team this season to prevent illness. If you feel or hear signs of it in your household, here is a simple way to make your own non-medicinal, all-natural cough syrup.

1) Find a clean jar with a lid. I have tincture bottles, but have used washed out jelly jars or small canning jars as well.

2) Slice up a white onion. Onions are natural phlegm thinners, so they will help work the gunk out.  White onions are more potent, so opt for white over sweet.

3) Put the slices of onion in the glass jar. Stuff in as much as you can fit.

4) Fill the rest of the jar up with honey. Pour it in until it covers the onions. Honey is a…

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Kale White Bean Chicken Soup

January usually means cold weather.  I cannot think of a better meal in frigid weather than a steaming bowl of homemade soup!  “Winter” for California this year has been quite strange… experiencing Santa Ana winds and 85-90 degree temps along with the horrible wild fires.  In an effort to make believe it is winter I am making one of my favorite cozy meals, kale white bean soup.

This soup is simple, delicious and healthy.  Whenever I make homemade soup, I make plenty of leftovers to freeze for future meals.  Who really wants to eat salty canned soup naked of nutrition?  Freeze your own :).


  • 2 chicken breasts, chopped20140119_172210
  • 2 c cherry tomatoes, chopped20140119_171552
  • 2 c mushrooms, choppedIMG_7388
  • 2 c carrots, chopped20140119_171312
  • 3 c kale, chopped
  • 1 can white beans, rinsed
  • 1 box low sodium vegetable broothIMG_7403
  • 1 shallot, choppedIMG_7377
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  •  3 cubes frozen basil (Dorot)
  • 1 tbsp thyme
  • 1-2 tsp red chili flakes (optional)
  • 2 tbsp olive oilIMG_7383


  1. In a large pot heat minced garlic, shallot, basil, chili pepper, thyme, and olive oil to medium for 3-5 minutes; stirring thoroughly.
  2. Add mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, and chicken to pot.  Cook 10-12 minutes on medium, stirring occasionally.  We want the chicken to be mostly cooked and the carrots to begin to soften.  Add more olive oil if necessary (everything should be coated, nothing should stick).
  3. Add vegetable broth.  Simmer covered on medium low for 2o minutes.  Stir occasionally.
  4. Stir in kale.  Cover and simmer another 20 minutes.
  5. Add white beans.  Cover and simmer a final 20 minutes.
  6. Enjoy!20140119_190430

Failure. Do we drop our heads or lift them high?


The famous quote “Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose” is it really that cut and dry?  Anyone who has ever played a sport has probably heard this saying as a result of a loss.  No one really likes to lose but what can we LEARN  from loss?

What if we used a loss as a growing lesson?  Instead of dropping our heads in depression after a failure in life what if we sat down and examined what we could learn from the situation.  Yes, let’s think glass half full!

Next time life doesn’t go the way you had wanted find a quiet place and make a list of what you learned, how you grew from this experience and how you can use these tools to help you SUCCEED in the future!

A loss is not the end of the world but a start of a new one!


Sexy Glutes with a Side of Hip Stability Week 2!

Movement of the Week!

How are those New Year’s Res going?  Are you still focused or are you falling off the wagon?  It is time for Glute Week 2!  If you haven’t mastered Week 1 go back to Week 1 ;).

This series requires nothing but a mat and is great used in combo with Week 1 Series or alone before a workout to wake up the hips.

Follow this vid or the photo series below~

  1. Start in hooklying position (lying on your back with feet and knees hip width apart and feet flat on the ground), lift the toes off the ground (flex the feet).  Lift the hips off the ground using the glutes.  Hold for 30 seconds.  Tap into those glutes and feel if one is stronger than the other, if so try to even them out.IMG_7299
  2. Move into active bridges, still keep those toes up, complete 20.IMG_7301 IMG_7300
  3. Hope the hips up in the starting position, still keep those toes up and complete 20 alternating kick outs.  Kick outs should be straight out from the knee not up to the sky.  This exercise is great because it helps promote unilateral glute stability.IMG_7303 IMG_7302
  4. Repeat 1-3 for a total of 3 rounds.

Almond Butter and Celery Snack

Recipe of the Week/Snack of the Month!

We all remember the old school “Ants on a Log”!  Let’s bring it back and health-ify it ;).  I love this snack because it is super duper easy, cheap, travels well, and is mighty tasty.  This snack is also a perfect snack with its combo of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

We all work on our diets in January; why not bring an extra snack option?  I hope you are snacking between meals; at least two per day.  Keeps that metabolism furnace burning!


  • Celery
  • Almond Butter


  1. Clean and trim celery (the icky ends).
  2. Fill with almond butter.
  3. Enjoy!