New Year. New Wishes.

It’s a new year… did you make any resolutions? Did you resolve to be a better person, live a healthier life, get more sleep, or spend more time with the family? These resolutions represent wishes that we have for ourselves, wishes of lives we want to lead, or wishes of people we would like to become. Do you find yourself making the same resolution every year only to fail after a month?

New Year’s Resolutions are challenging to keep, life changes are hard to keep, but wishing for these things is not getting you anywhere. Make your wishes happen this year!! But, how?

  • Make your resolutions specific -> you want to be healthier this year… what does healthy mean to you?
  • Make your main resolution into smaller specific goals -> smaller goals are more realistic and it is easier to keep progressing when we see success
  • Make a plan -> how will you go about this resolution? how will you succeed? how will you measure success? how will you overcome failures?
  • Make a schedule -> set a date when these smaller goals need to be completed
  • Stay accountable -> tell a friend your goal, write it down

Stay positive, stay focused, believe you already have it -> self doubt is the quickest way to failure.

Don’t fall into the pit with the rest of the failed resolutions hold your resolution high and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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