Sexy Glutes with a Side of Hip Stability Week 1!

Hello and welcome to the week of January!  I know most of you are kicking your own  butt in spin classes, on the treadmill, hikes, classes, runs….etc; but do not forget to take care and improve those stability muscles so that they can keep up with all the kick butt action!  This month we are focusing on the glutes… and who doesn’t want a sexier behind?  This is one both men and women both desire ;).

So let’s dive into our week 1 series… do this most days of the week before your workout for better hip stability and a better back side! 😉  You will need a yoga block, yoga strap and mat for this series.

Follow this vid or the photos series below~

  1. Place block between the knees (the middle width).  Squeeze and release (not to the point it drops) 20 times paying attention to any shifting in pressure.  This is a time to tap into the uneven-ness in your body.  Let your weak side lead the exercise.IMG_7290
  2. Press in on the block and complete 20 active bridges.IMG_7291
  3. Hold the last active bridge at the top for 30 seconds.IMG_7293
  4. Repeat 1-3 for a total of 3 rounds.
  5. Place yoga strap at the bottom of the thigh just above the knee, so that your knees are just slightly less than hip width.  Complete 20 active presses into the strap, again paying attention to any uneven-ness in the body.IMG_7295
  6. Press out into the strap as hard as you can and complete 20 active bridges.IMG_7296
  7. Hold the final bridge at the top, while still holding pressure into the strap for 30 seconds.IMG_7298
  8. Repeat 5-7 for a total of 3 rounds!
  9. Enjoy your stronger sexier booty!

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