Holistic Cough Syrup

Love this!! Skip all the crap in store bought cough syrup and make your own!!

My Holistic Universe

By Angie Bucsi

It’s that time of year. Sniffling noses and echoes of coughs everywhere you go.  Be sure to check in regularly with your Dream Team this season to prevent illness. If you feel or hear signs of it in your household, here is a simple way to make your own non-medicinal, all-natural cough syrup.

1) Find a clean jar with a lid. I have tincture bottles, but have used washed out jelly jars or small canning jars as well.

2) Slice up a white onion. Onions are natural phlegm thinners, so they will help work the gunk out.  White onions are more potent, so opt for white over sweet.

3) Put the slices of onion in the glass jar. Stuff in as much as you can fit.

4) Fill the rest of the jar up with honey. Pour it in until it covers the onions. Honey is a…

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