Sexy Glutes with a Side of Hip Stability Week 3!

Week 3!  How’s that booty looking?  How are the hips feeling?  This week we really get into that unilateral glute stability (wk 2 exercise 3).  This exercise is from Michael Boyle, an incredible strength and conditioning coach (

This series requires zero equipment and is a great addition to Week 1 Series and Week 2 Series as a glute workout or used with Week 2 as a workout warm up!

Check out this vid or follow the photos below~

  1. Start in hooklying position, lying on your back with feet and knees hip width apart and feet flat on the ground.  Pull the toes off the ground (flex the feet) and pull the right knee into your chest.  If you have a tennis ball or baseball place it right in the bend of your hip (this will help keep you honest while doing the exercise).IMG_7304 IMG_7305
  2. While holding the knee complete 10 active bridges.  If you are using the ball and it falls out you now know you are not keep that right hip properly flexed.IMG_7306
  3. Switch legs.IMG_7309IMG_7310
  4. Repeat a total of three times per side.

2 thoughts on “Sexy Glutes with a Side of Hip Stability Week 3!

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