Sexy Glutes with a Side of Hip Stability Week 4!

Congratulations you have made it to the final week of the glute series!  If you have not completed Weeks 1-3 go back and check them out.  By now you should see a difference in your back side as well as feeling more stable in your hips.

This week we work the lateral glute.  Unfortunately in our “duck footed” society most of us lack the proper lateral glute strength and instead hang on our hip flexors.  These two simple exercises require no equipment and will help you gain some proper lateral glute strength, giving your hips the stability they deserve!

Add these two exercises in with Weeks 1-3 for a great glute workout!

Check out this video or follow the photos below.

  1. Lying on your side, bend your knees to 90 degrees and hips to 135 degrees (below hip height).  Place your top hand on your hip and find your hip bone.  Lift the knee of the top leg just before your hip starts to swivel, keep those lower abdominals tight!  Repeat 20 times.IMG_7311IMG_7313
  2. Straighten your top leg, flex the foot of the top leg and squeeze your glute so that the leg is just behind you.  Rotate from your hip so that your toe is pointing downward.  Place your hand on your hip to check for any hip swivel J.  Bring the leg up 3-8” and back to the ground.  Repeat 20 times keeping those abdominals, glutes, and top leg strong.IMG_7314IMG_7315
  3. Switch sides and repeat 1-2.
  4. Complete a total of 3 times per side.

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