Workout Wednesday: Upper Body Posture Week 1

“Sit up straight, shoulders back!”…sound like something your mom used to say?  Well she was correct.  As a society our posture has become very stuck.  We sit entirely too much focused on whatever is in front of us; driving, eating, working on the computer, watching TV, etc.  This tends to force our shoulders into a rounded forward position, taking our head and neck along with it.  This positioning can lead to future problems down the road… headaches, neckaches, shoulder issues and upper back problems.

Solution?  First, become more aware of this poor positioning in your own body.  Second, try this series of exercises!

This week we focus on opening up our chest muscles and bringing some external rotation and mobility to our shoulder joints.  Three simple exercises that don’t take much time but will make a huge difference in your posture and your pain.

Check out this video or follow along with the photos below ->

  1. Modified Floor Block- using two yoga blocks positioned at either the medium or high side lie face down with forearms on the blocks and thumbs up.  Big toes come together and heels fall apart.  Breathing deeply relax in this position for 4-6minutes.  Tingling and numbness felt while holding this position are completely normal.  This position will help to open the chest up and pull the shoulders back.IMG_7407
  2. Elbow Curls-  This are best performed with back against the wall.  Outsides of the feet straight and heels touching the wall behind you.  Making a single knuckle fist (see photo below), place your fists at your temples reaching your elbows to the wall behind you.  Keeping the shoulders down and back try to bring your elbows together (see photo below) or as close as you can while keeping those shoulders down and back.  Complete 20 curls 3 sets.IMG_7414 IMG_7415 IMG_7419
  3. Arm Circles- Making the same single knuckle fist bring your arms up to shoulder height with thumbs pointing forward.  Complete 40 circles forward.  Keep the shoulders down and back.  Turn the arms up so thumbs are pointing backwards.  Complete 40 circles backward.IMG_7425 IMG_7427

Join me next week for Postural Strengthening Exercises!

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