Workout Wednesday: Upper Body Posture Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our upper body posture series!  If you haven’t tried week one go check it out!  This week we start to strengthen the upper body postural muscles!  These two simple exercises take no time and will not only help your posture but help to stabilize your shoulder joints in the correct position, giving you a tall sexy look.

These exercises can be done in the gym or at home.  You will need some light free weights 2-5 pounds and a medium exercise band (if you don’t have the band no worries).

Follow along with this video or the photos below ->

  1. External rotation- this exercise will help to strengthen your shoulder joint in external rotation (taking you away from that rounded forward position).  You can use some light weights or resistance bands.  Perform 3 sets of 20 repetitions.IMG_7431 IMG_7433 IMG_7434
  2. Lat Pinches- this exercise is the perfect warm up before any back or lat strengthening exercise.  Pick up your light weights and go into a bent over row position with your shoulders back and abs pulled in tight.  Pull the elbows in close to your sides, externally rotate at the shoulder joint and visualize pinching those elbow together behind your back (it won’t really happen).  Complete 3 sets of 20 reps.IMG_7438 IMG_7441 IMG_7442

Join me next week for upper back strengthening series 2!  Week 3 of Upper Body Posture Exercises.

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