The Lifestyle Accountability Show… find your healthy

It is February and many of those New Years Wishes may not be sticking as well.  As our life and lifestyle gets in the way it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up those promises we made to ourselves in January.  Do you need some extra motivation?  The best way to have continued success for your health goals is to immerse yourself in a positive healthy environment.


Surround yourself with healthy people, read interesting articles about health, subscribe to a health magazine, follow inspirational social media accounts, sign up for a fun workout class, and fill your home with healthy fuel!

The goal is to find your personalized enjoyable healthy lifestyle.

My friend Adam Bate has created this very exciting and entertaining podcast called the Lifestyle Accountability Show!  This show highlights a variety of people motivated towards health.  You will find great educational chats from health and wellness professionals as well as motivational and inspirational discussions from everyday fitness enthusiasts.  It is so important on YOUR journey to health that you find people you can relate to!  This show brings a great variety of people and stories together can help you develop your own personalized enjoyable healthy lifestyle!

Listen to my recent discussion with Adam here:


Join the healthy lifestyle movement at the Lifestyle Accountability Show here:


Stay healthy my friends!


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