Positivity of the Week: Let’s Get Physical

20140131_162913Happy Valentine’s Day all you love birds!  It may not be just love that makes couples celebrating this day seem to be in this eternal bliss.

Endearing physical touch has been proven to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels; thereby lowering stress levels.  Overtime this reduction in stress can lower your risk of heart disease.  Our central nervous system also responds positively to this “loving feeling” to impact our mental state, giving us feelings of happiness and joy.

My client Judy always talked about he importance of good hugs and always made sure we had a good one at the end of each session.  I always left her house feeling positive but never took the time to see the importance of this simple action.

Challenge yourself next week to give at least one REAL enduring hug each day; not a pat on the back but an actual hug.  Now boys…it’s okay if it’s that strange handshake man hug that I have yet to figure out, just make sure it last a few seconds.

Google Image

Google Image

(Facts borrowed: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/14/the-power-of-touch-physical-contact-health_n_3253987.html)

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