Positivity of the Week: Get off on the right foot

20140131_163012The alarm goes off and you press snooze… and snooze again… and snooze again… and before you know it you have 30 minutes to get out the door – no time for some morning mobility, no time for breakfast, no time to pack a lunch – and your day is now a crazy rat race!  This is the time we tend to spill our coffee down our white shirt, get in minor fender benders, break our healthy eating goals and make mistakes at work.

How can we prevent this?

  1. Pack up the night before.  Prepare lunch, snacks, breakfast, outfit, workout stuff, and work needs the night before.  We always think we will get much more done then we end up in the mornings.  Get as much done as you can the night before.
  2. Get to bed.  Get in bed 30 minutes before you actually need to get to sleep.  Allow your body time to fully relax to get the most solid sleep you can.
  3. Give yourself time in the morning.  Don’t sleep down the the wire.  Give yourself an extra ten minutes.  This ten minutes can be used for unplanned morning problems or to relax and enjoy your breakfast.
  4. Stop pressing SNOOZE!  This may be one of the hardest commitments for most of us.  Whoever invented this darn button ruined us all….lol.  When you press snooze you mess with your sleep cycles and end up waking up more tired!  It will be hard at first but after a few weeks you will jump out of bed the first time your alarm goes off.  Try and set your alarm away from you so you actually have to get up out of bed.

This will be hard at first but after two weeks it will be a lifestyle and you will notice the difference in your daily life.  Stop scrambling and start planning!

7 thoughts on “Positivity of the Week: Get off on the right foot

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  2. Nice tips. Unfortunately, I never hit snooze. Instead I delay getting up but sometimes this means I fall asleep again! I have started to put my alarm further away (just out of arms reach), but you’re right, putting it somewhere else, like across the room would help a lot.

    • Putting the alarm across the room or even in the bathroom (if the bathroom connects to the room) is one of the best tricks! Also turning on the lights or opening the drapes as soon as you wake up to bring in some light!

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