Workout Wednesday: Upper Body Posture Week 4

This week is the last week of our upper body postural alignment series!  If you have not tried the three previous sets of exercises go back and check them out!  This week we really challenge those muscles of the upper body in a quick and intense sculpting session!  This is a perfect series to take to the gym or do at home, just make sure you have a mirror!  Alignment is key and the previous three weeks have prepared your body to work in the proper alignment… keep that in mind as you tackle this series!

For this series you will need two sets of free weights, one set of light weights (2lbs-8lbs) and one set of heavier weights (8lbs-20lbs).

Learn this series from the video below or follow the steps below.  Complete this series a total of three times. ->

  1. External Rotation- 10 repsIMG_7469
  2. Lat pinch- 10 repsIMG_7471
  3. Curl- 10 repsIMG_7476 IMG_7477
  4. Overhead Press- 10 repsIMG_7485IMG_7486
  5. Bent over row- 10 repsIMG_7490 IMG_7491
  6. Tricep Kickbacks- 10 reps each armIMG_7496 IMG_7500
  7. Anterior Raise- 10 repsIMG_7507
  8. Lateral Abduction Raise- 10 repsIMG_7503 IMG_7505

Congratulations on completing the 4 week postural series


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