Positivity of the Week: Test your Adventure Side

20140131_172159How adventurous are you?  Have you always wanted to go sky diving?  Keep saying you would love to try a new restaurant?  Want to learn a new language?  Want to travel to Italy?  Or enroll in a cooking class?  Talk to that long time crush about how you really feel?  Ask your boss for that raise you deserve?

Are there things in your life you just keep passing up on?  Why is that?  What’s stopping you?  Most often it is confidence, fear of something new, or just finding the time!  Our lives and the world is always changing and it’s time you do as well!  Start conquering your dreams and wishes today!  Yes it is scary at first but the boost of confidence and excitement will keep you coming back for more!

We only get one life and it is time you started living yours to the fullest!  And it all starts with a good plan!

  1. List out your dreams, wishes and goals!  Stuff you have always wanted to try.
  2. Rank these items by cost and time.  Some things are $$$ or just take some planning.  For example Italy.  Anthony and I are finally going to Italy.  Something we have both always wanted to do.  So last year spring 2013 we decided we would go this October 2014.  This is giving us plenty of time to save, plan the trip and learn a bit of Italian without causing us extra stress!
  3. Decide when you would like to conquer these dreams and write these times down!  Use a wall calendar so you see it all the time.
  4. Recruit friends and/or family to join you … the more merrier!

Start Living Your Dreams Today!


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