Workout Wednesdays~ Squat Wk 2 Bilateral Strength

Happy Workout Wednesday!  So last week we chatted about the importance of hip position this week we start getting into our first strength squat series.  I love squats, I may have a slight addiction to them.  Ask any of my clients and they will tell you just how often they get to do squats.  Squats are a fabulous way to target your legs, core, and glutes while getting your heart rate up; they are like a quadruple threat.  And even better squats can be done absolutely anywhere!  These exercises and the exercises to come you will see require no gym, no equipment – just you!

Join me anywhere you would like… your office, your home, your park, your hotel room for this time conscience strength boosting series!

Check out this vid ->

Or follow along with these photos ->

  1. The neutral squat- feet and knees hip width apart, hands on head and shoulder pulled back.  Perform 20 squats.Neutral Squat Neutral Squat
  2. The Narrow Squat- bring the feet and knees together so that they touch, hands on head shoulders pulled back.  Complete 20 squats.Narrow Squat Narrow Squat
  3. The Sumo Squat- turn feet out from the hips, place your hands on your head pull your shoulders down and back.  Complete 20 squats, pressing your knees open and squeezing your glutes as you complete each rep.Sumo Squat Sumo Squat
  4. Repeat the series 3 times!  Yep that is a total of 180 squats… I think your legs, butt, and core will feel it ;).Squats

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