Workout Wednesdays~ Squats Wk 4 Kettlebell

Happy Workout Wednesday!!

Welcome to squat series week 4!  Your legs, butt and core should be toning up before your eyes!  Hopefully the “I can’t sit down to the toilet” feeling is fading as your legs are becoming stronger and more toned.  Also your muscular endurance should be to an all new level!  And your balance should be stellar!

This week we add in the kettlebell, if you don’t have a kettlebell no worries you can use a free weight ;).  These kettlebell squat exercises will add an increased demand to your legs, core and glutes than our previous exercises.  I used a 22lb kettlebell in these exercises.  If you have never touched a kettlebell before start with a 15lb kettlebell.

It’s time to pump it up with these three kettlebell squat exercises!

Follow along with this video ->

Or these photos ->

  1. Standard KettleBell Squat– with feet hip width apart and outsides of the feet straight squat down with back flat and safely pick up the kettlebell, pull the shoulders down and back, sit the hips back (as if you were to sit in a chair) keeping the chest up squat back, then return to standing position.  Complete 10 squatskettlebell squat
  2. Kettlebell Goblet Squat– turn the kettlebell upside down so that hands are pressing into either side, pull shoulders down and back, reach the hips back into a squat, squeeze your glutes forward to standing position.  Complete 10 goblet squats.kettlebell goblet squat kettlebell goblet squat
  3. KettleBell Swing– holding the kettlebell at handle with both hands, drop hips slightly back while dropping the kettlebell between thighs, using the strength of legs and glutes press your hips forward allowing the kettlebell to swing to shoulder height.  Think explosive hips!  This exercise is driven by the hips.  Complete 20 kettlebell swings.kettlebell swing kettlebell swing kettlebell swing
  4. Repeat the three exercises for a total of 3 circuits.  Caution may cause sweating ;).kettlebell squat

Stay Tuned this Saturday for my Bonus Post!!  Cardio Squats!


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