Bonus Post!! Bonus Workout~ Squat Wk 5 Cardio

Happy Saturday!

Saturdays can be a very challenging day to workout.  The weekend has begun, you may have gone out last night and had a few drinks, you most likely slept in and have thrown off your sleep schedule and the last thing you really want to think about is going to the gym.  But to succeed with your fitness goals consistency is the key.  Focusing just a tinsy bit of you day today on your fitness will leave you feeling energetic, proud and accomplished!

This is the last piece of our 5 week squat series.  If you haven’t tested the other four go back in my blog and try them out!  If you want a complete lower body workout go thru all 5 series at once!

These 2 exercises plus 2 bonus progressions can be done ANYWHERE,  you do not need any equipment!  And best of all they take barely any of your precious weekend time!

This squat series focuses on cardiovascular demand… of course you will also be working your legs, glutes and core… don’t you love multitasking?!

Are you ready to sweat!?

Follow along with this video ->

Or these photos ->

  1. The Squat Jumps– start with arms up and body tall- swing arms down and sit in a squat- explode hips forward while reaching the arms to the sky and spring off the feet- land back into a squat.  Repeat 20 squat jumps.   Squat JumpSquat JumpSquat JumpSquat Jumpsquat jump
  2. Squat Jump 2.0- 180 Squat Jump– start in a squat position- extending hips forward, exploding from the legs- use your obliques and hips to rotate you to face the other direction- land back in a squat- extending from the squat, using the legs, hips and core– rotate back the other direction- land in a squat.  Complete 20- 180 squat jumps.180 Squat Jump180 Squat Jump180 squat jump180 squat jump180 squat jump
  3. Squat Jumping Jack– start standing- jump into a deep squat position with feet slight turned out from the hips and arms extended overhead- jump back with legs together.  Complete 20 squat jumping jacks.squat jumping jackssquat jumping jackssquat jumping jackssquat jumping jacks
  4. Squat Jack 2.0- this is going to burn those legs! Start in a deep squat- jump the legs out wider than hip width- jump the legs back to squat position.  Complete 20 squat jacks 2.0.Squat Jumpssquat jumpssquat jumpssquat jumps
  5. Complete 3 rounds!  Start with exercises 1 and 3, see how you feel, a few days later add in 2 and 4!  Enjoy your sweaty gift!Squat Jump180 Squat Jumpsquat jumping jacksquat jack

2 thoughts on “Bonus Post!! Bonus Workout~ Squat Wk 5 Cardio

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