Fantastic Fridays~ Let It Go

“Let It Go”, the theme song to Disney’s top animated movie Frozen may carry a bit more weight for us adults.  April is here and many of us are spring cleaning our homes but what about spring cleaning our souls?  Just as we search to let go of shoes we haven’t worn in ten years, maybe we should let go of other things weighing us down?

Let It Go

Today take 15 minutes to write down the things that have been pulling on your heart strings.  Take another 10 minutes to divide the list into which to conquer each week of this month.  What does it mean to conquer these woes?  Well… some things in life we just need to “let go”, forgive and forget, move on… while other things in our lives may require a sit down conversation with someone we may have sad feelings with.  Get those conversations set.

Make April your month to clean your soul!

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