Fantastic Friday~ Make Time 4 FUN!

Get up, get ready, head out the door, work- work- and well more work, drive home, workout, cook dinner, prep for the next day, go to bed…. does this sound familiar to anyone?  As an incredibly driven society we are taught from a young age to PUSH PUSH PUSH…  All this pushing makes it very difficult to find time in our already packed schedules to well… breath, let alone think about doing something slightly “unproductive”.

But it’s time to MAKE TIME FOR FUN PROJECTS!  What would you do with a few extra hours?  No, not clean the house.  What creative fun activity would you like to do or have always wanted to do?  Take a painting class?  Play with your kids legos?  Brush up on your photography?  Go to the beach and build a sand castle?  Create your own blog?

Make time for FUN

Make a list of activities that you find FUN and pick one a week/per month/per year (depending on the length of activity) and start having fun!  We only live one life and it is important that we make the most of it!  That includes having some fun!

Added Bonus!  Having more fun = more happiness in your life = less stress = healthier life = less sick days = more productive!  Funny how things work!

What are you going to do for fun?

One thought on “Fantastic Friday~ Make Time 4 FUN!

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