Workout Wednesday~ Plank Challenge Week 5

Congratulations on making it to the final week of April’s plank challenge!  Do your arms feel stronger?  Does your body feel taller?  Does your midsection feel leaner?  If you have not had the opportunity to try Weeks 1-4 go back and try them first.  Check them out here:

How are you using your new found plank knowledge?  Are you adding these series into your workouts?  Are you starting each day with a core power wake up?  How are these simple do-anywhere exercises useful to you?

Today we add one more variation to our planks; rotation planksPlank Challenge Week 5 we will use everything you have learned about your core blended together in one rotation challenge!

I have provided 5 different levels for the Plank Rotation Challenge.  Find the level that is a touch out of your comfort zone complete 5 repetitions, 3-4 sets.  Work at this level for a week then move up to the next level.  To turn this into your core workout for the day start at level 1 then progress to your currently practicing level (doing each level) complete 3-5 rounds.

Check out these great photos or follow along with the video below!

  • Plank Rotations Level 1Plank Rotations
  • Plank Rotations Level 2Plank Rotations
  • Plank Rotations Level 3Plank Rotations
  • Plank Rotations Level 4Plank Rotations L4
  • Plank Rotations Level 5Plank RotationsPlank Rotations

Or you can check out this vid~

And You Made It!!

Join me next month as we do a 4 month recap!

*During this Recap I will pull my Favorite Exercise from each month*

Jan- Hips

Feb- Upper Body Posture

March- Squats

April- Planks


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