Fantastic Fridays~ Do you take time?

Time… such a limited quantity.  Remember those days when you were young and you could not wait for summer, the holidays, your birthday?  And now it seems that these events come up without any warning!  Do you feel like your life is so non-stop that you cannot take a breath?  Do you feel as though you are just speeding from one event to the next without any rest stops?

I feel like this too some times.  Life can be a challenge.  Life can be overwhelming.

This is why I like to remember to take time tolifestyle quotes

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to stop… smell the roses, watch a sunset, feel the sand beneath our feet, take a deep breath of fresh air, give a loved one a hug or a pet a rub down.

These simple things do not take much time to do.  You just need to remember to make and take that time.

This week what will you take time to do?  What simple things in life do you enjoy?  How will you enjoy them?  When will you integrate these behaviors into your day?

It’s really not that hard is it?


Is your CORE as strong as you think?

Flat abs are all the rage, especially this time of year but have you ever thought about the importance of having a strong core?  A strong core can be your key to injury prevention, better balance, and yes a flatter midsection!

Try this short series of planks to test your core in all 4 directions!

Click here for this do-anywhere series…

Planks Intensified

What’s your FaVoRiTe grab and go snack?

Summer is almost here!  Which for me means lots of hiking, camping, and trips to the beach!  I absolutely love summer and the fun activities that go along with this time of year!

To keep my energy up I love snacking on this fabulous Raw Trail Mix.  This trail mix is good to keep your energy up, your taste buds satisfied, and your tummy from rumbling!

Get the recipe by clicking the link below…

Raw Trail Mix

Who doesn’t love homemade bread?

Steaming, moist, soft and with a touch of sweet this Banana Bread is sure to wow anyone!  In most situations as a fitness nutrition coach I would warn you to stay far far away from Banana Bread.  Most Banana Bread is full of unhealthy sugars, fat, and white flour.  But who wants to live without enjoying a warm slice of Banana Bread!?  So I healthified it!

Try this delicious gluten free Banana Bread for breakfast, snack, or even dessert!

Click the link below and indulge this amaziness…

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Stay patient young Grasshopper.

Unfortunately for most of us when cannot try something new and be professional after the first try.  It is so so important to remember throughout life this one simple tip.  This tip will help remind you of life’s process.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, changing your career, learning how to rock climb… you must know this quote…

Click below to learn this helpful tip…


Do you suffer from neck-aches?

The end of the day is here.  Are you one of those that feels as though you barely can move your neck by the end of the day?  Do you suffer from tightness in your upper traps that just will not go away no matter the amount of massages?  Do these neck-aches often turn into headaches or even migraines?

Unfortunately our lives often put us in a poor postural position for a happy neck :(.  All the time we spend driving, texting, and typing on the computer wrecks havoc on our head position!  Get your head, shoulder, and neck back into their happy position with my favorite exercise!

Check it out here…

The Neck-ache Helper

Meatloaf, either you love it or you hate it.

I was never ever a fan of meatloaf.  My mom would make it occasionally and I would eat about half a piece then lie (shh… don’t tell Mom) that I was full.

Recently, this past year I have tried adding organic free range red meat to my diet (I’m slightly anemic).  The hot plate makes some great burgers and meatballs but I needed a new way to get my iron fix.  So I attempted my own version of meatloaf and it made a meatloaf lover out of me!

It is super easy and crazy good!  Try it here…


How do you start your most successful days?

Ever feel like you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”?  Or have one of those days that your alarm fails to go off and then it’s downhill from there?  Or that every day you wake up in an insane race and you can never find the finish line?

Well it’s time to stop that!  It’s time to start your days… every day off on the right side of the bed!

Check out how here….

Start Your Days Right!