Do you suffer from neck-aches?

The end of the day is here.  Are you one of those that feels as though you barely can move your neck by the end of the day?  Do you suffer from tightness in your upper traps that just will not go away no matter the amount of massages?  Do these neck-aches often turn into headaches or even migraines?

Unfortunately our lives often put us in a poor postural position for a happy neck :(.  All the time we spend driving, texting, and typing on the computer wrecks havoc on our head position!  Get your head, shoulder, and neck back into their happy position with my favorite exercise!

Check it out here…

The Neck-ache Helper


2 thoughts on “Do you suffer from neck-aches?

  1. Thanks Jessica! Here’s a funny (not funny haha) but I was having what felt like chhest pains. So naturally I panicked and ran to the doctor in case I was having a heart attack. He told me my pectoral muscles were so tight they were rounding my shoulders and pulling them forward causing the pain. He gave me these exact exercises to do and I also had to change my workstation because it was set up so my arms werre outstretched pulling my shoulders forward. I have been trying to take more frequest breaks and do these. They are really starting to help. Hands free phone usage is helping too. Thanks.

    • Your doc was completely correct! It is so scary to have those chest pains and it is very important that whenever you are worried about something your body is telling you to address major health concerns first! So glad that he gave you great corrective exercises and that you also have changed your daily movement patterns. Most of our chronic pains are a result of poor repetitive movement patterns and it is important that we not only address them through corrective exercises during our workout time but also in our daily activities. Just being aware of your body is the first step!

      Thank for commenting!

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