How to get the legs you want! Part 1

It’s summer!  And with summer weather we all want to be rocking our shorts!  Are you happy with your legs?  Would you like to add some tone to those legs?

Plus with stronger legs you will have no problem with those summer hikes and bike rides along the beach.

The secret to getting the legs you really want is good old fashion strength training.  You can try the fancy creams, lotions and potions but for long lasting results you are going to have to put some work in!

Today we start with the basics.  We will be going through lunges in all 4 planes of motion.  These can be done ANYWHERE and without any EQUIPMENT… during this beautiful weather I prefer taking my workouts outside (in fact to even save some $$ sometimes I will even freeze my gym membership for the summer!).

Complete all 4 of these variations 3 times thru.  Great news- you will be done in under 20 minutes!  Repeat this series 3-4 times per week.


Follow along with this short video or the photos below!

Check out these easy to follow photos, complete 10 reps per leg per exercise- repeat 3 circuits

  1. Forward LungeForward Lunge
  2. Lateral LungeLateral Lunges
  3. Reverse LungeReverse Lunges
  4. Rotation LungeRotational Lunges

Check back in 2 weeks for the Dynamic Lunge Sequence!

Lunges Part 2


4 thoughts on “How to get the legs you want! Part 1

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