Christy’s PowerCore Pilates- The Hundreds

This Pilates move is a great way to warm up the body, practice breathing techniques, start circulation flow, and best of all a great way to work the core!

There are 3 position options for this move.

  1. Hook lying (beginner) knees bent, feet planted on the mat.
  2. Table top (intermediate) knees up and together, inlined with the hips.
  3. Straight leg (advanced) legs out a 45 degree anglePilates

How To:

Inhale to prepare, exhale curl head and chest up to the bottom of your shoulder blades. Fold forward from upper torso, not your neck! Chin is tucked, looking at your belly button, arms at sides hovering 2” off the mat, fingertips are reaching past your hips. Pulling the navel into the spine, begin pumping the arms up and down in a small range of motion with rapid pace. Inhale 5 breaths while pumping the arms, exhale the breath for 5 while pumping the arms. Complete 20 sets of these (hence 100)


  • Pull shoulder blades down and back, away from your ears
  • Pull abs up and in. Don’t allow lower abs to ”pooch” out
  • Keep neck long. Reach long out of the back of your neck

Things to remember:

  • Squeeze knees/inner thighs together
  • Visualize pressing a ball under water for arm resistance
  • Keep small range of motion on pumping action
  • If there is too much pain to keep the head lifted, leave the head down until core is stronger

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