Positivities- How do people remember you?

I stumbled across this quote this week on Pinterest and I just had to share it! MayaAngelou

Have you ever found yourself in a new group of people or when meeting a new person thinking, “what if I don’t say the right thing?  what if I don’t do the right thing?”  I know I have many times.  I am by nature shy and somewhat hard on myself.  If you relate to me on this and found yourself in similar situations, have you ever stopped to think, “How am I making this person feel right now?”

In your personal experiences, how do you remember those that you have met?  Take an old friend for example… do you remember what they said the first time you met (okay it may have been super funny and you may remember but in most cases you don’t)…do you remember what they did (again unless they did a double back flip or unfortunately fell off their bike… you most likely don’t)… but I am sure you do remember how they made you feel.

This measure of “feeling“, whether good or bad had an effect on you.  Good feelings made you most likely want to keep this new found pal on your journey of life… and well bad, yeah you get what I’m saying.

So for this second week of July I am going to place my focus, not so much on what I am doing or saying, but how I am making the other person FEEL.

Who else would like to join me in this challenge?  How will you go about this?  What cues will you pick up from the other person?  What questions will you ask?


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