Your Total Body July Workout!

July is full blown summer!  Summer usually also means travel season.  It can be hard to workout in a hotel gym and even more difficult to lug around gym equipment on these fun trips!  What you need is a workout that can be done anywhere, anytime, and more important not take up too much of your beach lounging time ;).

This workout is set in 5 sections:

  • Warm up– this section focuses on posture and stabilizing the hips, glutes, and core
  • Strength session– this section focuses purely on gaining muscular tone and proper muscular engagement
  • Cardio- this section focuses on increasing the heart rate with short sprints and shorter rest periods
  • Core- yep focus on that tummy
  • Reset– this section corrects any postural imbalances (compensations) created during the workout

Warm Up-

  1. Single Leg Bridge- 10 per leg; 3 sets.  For a full explanation and video  CLICK HERESingle Leg Bridge Single Leg Bridge
  2. Airbench- hold 1-2 minutes.  CLICK HERE for a full explanation and video.Airbench
  3. Planks Around the World- 30 sec hold in each position. For a more detailed explanation and variations CLICK HERE.Planks Around the World

Strength- **repeat these 3 exercises for 3-4 sets**

  1. Multi-directional lunges- 10 each direction: forward lunge, lateral lunge, reverse lunge, & rotational lunge.  For more details CLICK HERE.Lunges
  2. Push Ups- 10 reps!  If push ups are too challenging for your current fitness level hold a plank for 30 seconds!  Stay tuned for future posts for a total push up breakdown.
  3. Neutral Squats- 20 reps.  CLICK HERE for more on the neutral squats.Neutral Squat Neutral Squat

Cardio- repeat this cardio series 3 times through with only 10-30 seconds of rest between each exercise!  These are done as quickly as possible.

  1. Jump Squats- 30 secs.  For more details CLICK HERE.Squat Jump Squat Jump
  2. Rest 10-30 seconds
  3. Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
  4. Rest 10-30 seconds


  1. Side Hip Dips-20 reps per side; 3 sets. CLICK HERE for more details!

    Side Plank Hip Dip Level 3

    Side Plank Hip Dip Level 3


  1. Airbench- 1-2 minutes

One thought on “Your Total Body July Workout!

  1. Hey Jessica,

    This is awesome! Thanks so much for continuing to keep me on your email distribution!

    Hope all is well! Say hi to Anthony for me.

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