Your Positive Thought for September


How many times have you woken up with the thoughts of yesterday in your head? Maybe it was that mistake you made at work, the parking ticket your received during your lunch break, or the disagreement you had with your spouse? Mistakes can be hard to get over.

Forgiving ourselves can sometimes be much harder than asking forgive-ness from others.

I am completely guilty of this. I too have a hard time letting go.

But in all this negative self talk we miss out on this brand new day!

Will Rogers Quote

Start on a Clean Slate…

It is important to start each day as a new beginning. Enjoy the fullness of each day by waking up in a good mood, a smiling face, and the mindset that today will be AMAZING.

How to recover from yesterday?

If it is a disagreement with a friend, co-worker, or spouse try to solve it that day! There is so much truth that comes with the cliche “Never go to bed angry”.

At the end of the day write down all the things that bothered you from the day. As the pen ink leaves the pen and meets the page allow these negative thoughts to leave your mind; forgive yourself.

Write down ways to avoid making these mistakes again. We can truly “learn from our mistakes”. If it’s a parking ticket, look at this as a lesson to really watch the traffic signs.

Start each morning SMILING!

Even if you are exhausted, hurt, or upset… just keep smiling and focusing your energy on the happy thoughts… on the things you are grateful for! Before you know it your mood will be boosted!


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