Health Secrets Revealed- 4 Reasons why you should add ALOE to your daily routine!

Aloe, my young discovery

This green catus-y looking plant can easily be overlooked by many, but inside those sharp thick leaves lies a very soothing magical natural medicine. I still remember my first encounter with this strange plant. I grew up with one in my parents front yard and always stayed away in fear that I would be stabbed by one of its prickly leaves. I was about 9 years old when I had a major fall while rollerblading. I came inside with blood dripping down my shins (I still have scars on my knees from that eventful day) crying for my mom. She cleaned up my knees and went outside to chop off one of the leaves. She brought me over to the sharp plant and showed me this sticky gel that was inside. She squeezed the gel onto the cuts and there was this instant sense of relief.

Photo Cred-

Photo Cred-

From then on I new this strange plant was something I would always want near by. Soon I learned it could also be used for those painful summer sunburns and often feel much better than many of the standard aloes we could find at Target.

My second run in with this crazy plant

In college, I ended up with shingles 4 times in 2 years. The “fix” for Shingles was usually steroids and pain killers. Well after getting this terrible illness 4 times in a row the pain pills had destroyed my stomach. I had stomach pains all the time and terrible acid reflux. Any time I had a glass of wine or a cup of coffee I knew trouble would come soon after.

After a few years of dealing with this uncomfortable lifestyle I finally started to do some research and came across the solution! Aloe! The plant that once healed my burns and scraps could also heal the insides of my tummy? What?!

After trying various brands and combinations I have found this one to be most effective. This Lily of the Dessert Stomach Formula not only provides tummy relief from the aloe itself but also from the other magic ingredients!

You can pick this up from most health food stores as well as my favorite website:

Why should you start drinking aloe?

  1. Balances stomach acid- so many of the foods we enjoy are very high in acidic content
  2. Aid in digestion
  3. Helps to promote regular bowel cycle
  4. Helps to heal the tummy and digestive track

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