About Me

Jess BW

I love food! I love to eat it, cook it, create it, and take photos of it! This love of food started in high school as a member of Coyote Roadkill…yes I know, “Coyote Roadkill”…no we did not kill coyotes…Dad has an interesting sense of humor :). In college this love for food grew as I began to explore some healthy cooking and taste testing the various ethnicities of yumminess.

Last November, I moved in with my boyfriend, Anthony. Anthony is not much of a cook, other than cooking frozen waffles and canned soup his culinary skills are negatory. Love you babe :)! So of course his place had nothing but a micro and toaster. I struggled the first month without my paint brushes (a.k.a cooking tools). I do appreciate dining out once a week…but not everyday! So it was time for some creative thinking. I got online and purchased a single burner hot plate ($20 Amazon), a rice cooker/steamer ($25 Target), a crock pot ($0 grandmas old one) and a toaster oven ($0 old one in storage)…kitchen for $45 bingo! I have come up with some pretty tasty, very healthy, and not too shabby-looking dishes! Most recipes are less than an hour, minus the crock pot dishes.

If you are tight on time, space, and equipment you can still eat and eat well! This is perfect for those college students, bachelors, or those that don’t quite have the fancy-dancy kitchen! Find a way, everyday!


15 thoughts on “About Me

    • I would say I eat a semi raw diet. Raw foods are quick and easy and of course full of nutrients, but are also harder on the tummy. But I still love some warm meals :)…comfort…I also eat meat and fish a few times a week…it’s all about balance :).

    • Thanks so much! I moved in with my boyfriend over two years ago now and at first it was a shock. I have always cooked. In college I was used to having smaller appliances and smaller kitchens but when I moved in with him it was a life shock…haha. But I figured it out and thought the blog idea would be perfect for those with limited kitchens and for the busy folk that just don’t have the time to deal with a complex 4 burner + oven meal ;). Please share with your college friends :)!

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