Your Positive Thought for September


How many times have you woken up with the thoughts of yesterday in your head? Maybe it was that mistake you made at work, the parking ticket your received during your lunch break, or the disagreement you had with your spouse? Mistakes can be hard to get over.

Forgiving ourselves can sometimes be much harder than asking forgive-ness from others.

I am completely guilty of this. I too have a hard time letting go.

But in all this negative self talk we miss out on this brand new day!

Will Rogers Quote

Start on a Clean Slate…

It is important to start each day as a new beginning. Enjoy the fullness of each day by waking up in a good mood, a smiling face, and the mindset that today will be AMAZING.

How to recover from yesterday?

If it is a disagreement with a friend, co-worker, or spouse try to solve it that day! There is so much truth that comes with the cliche “Never go to bed angry”.

At the end of the day write down all the things that bothered you from the day. As the pen ink leaves the pen and meets the page allow these negative thoughts to leave your mind; forgive yourself.

Write down ways to avoid making these mistakes again. We can truly “learn from our mistakes”. If it’s a parking ticket, look at this as a lesson to really watch the traffic signs.

Start each morning SMILING!

Even if you are exhausted, hurt, or upset… just keep smiling and focusing your energy on the happy thoughts… on the things you are grateful for! Before you know it your mood will be boosted!


Positivities- Be Gentle

So often I feel as though we are in a world that is all about PUSHing yourself to YOUR ultimate limit!… “Go BIG or go HOME”, “RUN until you drop”, “If it’s not hurting it’s not hard enough”.

While I do believe in consistently progressing your life forward, challenging your old habits, and striving for your goals it is also very important to do so in a healthy way. Maxing out, overtraining, or jumping onto some fad juice only diet is only going to lead to injury, burn out and a very unhappy body.

Health is an everyday process not a three month summertime bikini shape up.

Be Gentle

In this life we are gifted one body to care for. We only get this one body, this one temple.

How will you care for yours?


Positivities- How do people remember you?

I stumbled across this quote this week on Pinterest and I just had to share it! MayaAngelou

Have you ever found yourself in a new group of people or when meeting a new person thinking, “what if I don’t say the right thing?  what if I don’t do the right thing?”  I know I have many times.  I am by nature shy and somewhat hard on myself.  If you relate to me on this and found yourself in similar situations, have you ever stopped to think, “How am I making this person feel right now?”

In your personal experiences, how do you remember those that you have met?  Take an old friend for example… do you remember what they said the first time you met (okay it may have been super funny and you may remember but in most cases you don’t)…do you remember what they did (again unless they did a double back flip or unfortunately fell off their bike… you most likely don’t)… but I am sure you do remember how they made you feel.

This measure of “feeling“, whether good or bad had an effect on you.  Good feelings made you most likely want to keep this new found pal on your journey of life… and well bad, yeah you get what I’m saying.

So for this second week of July I am going to place my focus, not so much on what I am doing or saying, but how I am making the other person FEEL.

Who else would like to join me in this challenge?  How will you go about this?  What cues will you pick up from the other person?  What questions will you ask?

Positivities- Where does STRENGTH come from?

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?”  The old cliche that I have personally said to myself during many rough times in life.


There is so much truth to this.  Life can be so so challenging at times but overcoming these challenging times shows us just how strong we really are.

What obstacles have you recently overcome?  How did they help you realize your true strength?

Fantastic Fridays~ Do you take time?

Time… such a limited quantity.  Remember those days when you were young and you could not wait for summer, the holidays, your birthday?  And now it seems that these events come up without any warning!  Do you feel like your life is so non-stop that you cannot take a breath?  Do you feel as though you are just speeding from one event to the next without any rest stops?

I feel like this too some times.  Life can be a challenge.  Life can be overwhelming.

This is why I like to remember to take time tolifestyle quotes

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget to stop… smell the roses, watch a sunset, feel the sand beneath our feet, take a deep breath of fresh air, give a loved one a hug or a pet a rub down.

These simple things do not take much time to do.  You just need to remember to make and take that time.

This week what will you take time to do?  What simple things in life do you enjoy?  How will you enjoy them?  When will you integrate these behaviors into your day?

It’s really not that hard is it?

Stay patient young Grasshopper.

Unfortunately for most of us when cannot try something new and be professional after the first try.  It is so so important to remember throughout life this one simple tip.  This tip will help remind you of life’s process.

Whether you are trying to lose weight, changing your career, learning how to rock climb… you must know this quote…

Click below to learn this helpful tip…


How do you start your most successful days?

Ever feel like you “wake up on the wrong side of the bed”?  Or have one of those days that your alarm fails to go off and then it’s downhill from there?  Or that every day you wake up in an insane race and you can never find the finish line?

Well it’s time to stop that!  It’s time to start your days… every day off on the right side of the bed!

Check out how here….

Start Your Days Right!

Fantastic Fridays~ Beauty

What defines beauty to you?  Is it perfect symmetry?  Is a certain clothing size?  Is it “flawless” skin?  Is it a perfect colorful flower?

Is beauty something you can define yourself or do you look for the society norms?

Everything is beautiful

Beauty can be found in truly everything.  Sometimes you just have to look.  Sometimes beauty doesn’t look like our standard beauty criteria.  But if you don’t open your eyes you can miss something so beautiful or someone so beautiful.

Beauty is more than just a look… beauty is internal as well!

This quote also reminds me to see the positive in every situation.  If you are able to do this you will be so much happier in your life!

Fantastic Friday~ Make Time 4 FUN!

Get up, get ready, head out the door, work- work- and well more work, drive home, workout, cook dinner, prep for the next day, go to bed…. does this sound familiar to anyone?  As an incredibly driven society we are taught from a young age to PUSH PUSH PUSH…  All this pushing makes it very difficult to find time in our already packed schedules to well… breath, let alone think about doing something slightly “unproductive”.

But it’s time to MAKE TIME FOR FUN PROJECTS!  What would you do with a few extra hours?  No, not clean the house.  What creative fun activity would you like to do or have always wanted to do?  Take a painting class?  Play with your kids legos?  Brush up on your photography?  Go to the beach and build a sand castle?  Create your own blog?

Make time for FUN

Make a list of activities that you find FUN and pick one a week/per month/per year (depending on the length of activity) and start having fun!  We only live one life and it is important that we make the most of it!  That includes having some fun!

Added Bonus!  Having more fun = more happiness in your life = less stress = healthier life = less sick days = more productive!  Funny how things work!

What are you going to do for fun?